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  • 04 Jul 2018 19:06 | Minette Reyes (Administrator)

    Two of our former PNAGA Undergraduate Scholarship awardees, Marcia Daugherty and Katrina Salud graduated with honors in May and passed their NCLEX-RN exams in June.  Marcia was the recipient of the PNAGA Undergraduate Scholarship grant in 2016, while Katrina Salud was the recipient in 2017.  They are now full-fledged Registered Nurses.

    Katrina Salud RN accepted a job at Atlanta Medical Center Intensive Care Unit while Marcia Daugherty RN is now working at Piedmont Fayette Labor and Delivery Unit.

    Congratulations to you, dear colleagues and welcome to the profession!

  • 10 May 2018 18:32 | Anonymous

    This year’s recipient deserves the Florence Nightingale Award for the following reasons:

    1.    She provided humanitarian services to her friends, colleagues, and to the PNAGA by:
    ·      Helping coordinate communication of health fairs and free clinics sponsored by the PNAGA
    ·      Helping friends that need financial assistance by setting up donation systems and coordinating with other organizations to help them and their families.
    ·      Always encouraging other members to be involved in PNAGA activities, especially those who are new to the organization.
    ·      Assist older members of the PNAGA to be computer and web savvy in order to keep up with the trends in nursing and healthcare.
    2.    She brought the PNAGA to the next level by improving our organization’s system. 
    ·      She organized our membership system by setting it up through an online system.
    ·      She maintained our website and makes sure that everybody is getting the latest updates about our PNAGA’s events, activities, and programs.
    ·      She continued to bring new updates, new information, new things that makes PNAGA innovative, which inspires other Filipino nurses to be involved.
    3.    She led the PNAGA caroling program, leading a group of nurses to sing Christmas songs at a hospice, and in host homes to raise funds for the organization.

    I do know her as a very strong woman who was able overcome adversities after battling Lupus. She has been a member of the PNAGA for 15 years and was the first recipient of our Graduate Nursing Scholarship Award. She received her BSN from St. Louis University in Baguio City, Philippines and her Master of Science in Nursing Informatics from Walden University.

    I am proud to present to you our Florence Nightingale Award for 2018… Ms. Minette Reyes MSN RN-BC CNOR.

    - Mary Dioise Tamayo, PhD RN, PNAGA President, 2018-2020

  • 10 May 2018 17:20 | Anonymous

    The PNAGA is proud to announce that the recipients of the 2018 Nursing Scholarship awards are Mr. Mikailo Franco Mamagat  for the Undergraduate category and Ms. Stacey (Sado) Le for the Graduate category.

    Mr. Mikailo "Mikko" Mamagat is a rising senior at Herzing University and recently named on the President’s List for earning a 4.0 GPA last Fall semester. His two professors from Herzing University gave recommendation letters indicating that he is an outstanding student in all respects and has proven that through hard work, determination and team work, he can accomplish tasks in a courteous and timely manner. They also added that he is very professional, polite and caring, and is well equipped to grow from challenges he encounters during nursing practice. Mr. Mamagat is a current student member of the PNAGA, his mother is also a member of the association for a while and their families have been supportive of the activities of PNAGA.

    Ms. Stacey (Sado) Le is a current MSN-Adult/Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner student at Mercer University. She received her BSN from Georgia State University in 2009. She is currently working as a staff nurse in WellStar Atlanta Medical Center Intensive Care Unit. Her Nurse Manager recommended her for the scholarship indicating that she’s an extremely compassionate and dedicated individual. She always put the patient first and listen to her patients concerns or needs. She has a tremendous ability to relate to others and make a personal connection with her patients. She was featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution “Youth Movement” last May 2012. Ms. Le is a current member of the PNAGA and she’s been a member of the association since 2013.

    - Mary Dioise Tamayo, PhD RN, PNAGA President, 2018-2020

  • 13 May 2017 17:41 | Anonymous

    Nurses’s Week is always an exciting, fun, time. A lot of networking, with new, familiar, and unfamiliar faces, not to mention the many faces of families and other friends. So, this week is not only “Nurses”. It’s also a day to be thankful to parents who nurtured/supported their special child who’s ambition is to be a” nurse.”

    Just like any other ambition on “what to be”, you always like to have an inspiring model.

    Florence Nightingale is a world-wide name familiar to every nurse. Born in 1820, she is an English nurse, founder of modern nursing, and made outstanding contributions to the knowledge and improvement of public health we now enjoy.

    How big an HONOR is it TO RECEIVE A FLORENCE NIIGHTINGALE AWARD? We could ask someone who will be getting one today. An honor befitting on Nurses’ day!

    A tenured nurse, a product of early recruitment,  Georgia became her second home 5 years after graduating nursing in the Philippines.

    To people she interacts with,  she’s well respected and loved as a peer, manager, mother, grandmother, wife, relative, and friend. An uncomplicated lady, with words that could travel a thousand miles! Thus the name “Charlatana” by her colleages! One thing that stands up in her is her drive to ALWAYS maintain a positive image and professionalism of PNAGA.

    A well rounded person, she loves to cook, always a joker, always a dancer, and never a singer! She always has the passion for singing but unfortunately, the talent eluded her!

    Her years of experience took her up to currently a Unit Coordinator. She received numerous prestigious awards over the years and to name a few:

    GHA Nurse Make a Difference Award 1989

    March of Dimes – Women Service Nurse of the Year 2010

    AMC Nurse of the Year  2011 and Tenet Hero Award 2011

    President: PNAGA  1996-1998 (during PNAGA’s formative years)

    President: PNAGA  2012-2014  (PNAGA’s 25th Anniversary) Her goal? Increase PNAGA’s transparency and focus on health of our nurses, families and friends.

    Community involvement includes:

    President: PCFG  1994-1996/2010-2012, Served as President of Fil-Am Association of GA., involvement on Free Clinics offered by Asian community and nursing organization. Her educational and Health Ministry extends to her own hometown in Bugo, Cagayan de Oro.

    Happily married to another nurse, mother of 2 beautiful ladies, grandmother of 2 boys lovely boys,

    I am  honored to present our FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE 2017 Award Recipient... VENUS SORIANO.

    - Anita Granada,   Chair,  Florence Nightingale Award for 2017


  • 13 May 2017 17:30 | Anonymous

    The recipient of this year's PNAGA Scholarship for Graduate Studies is Leah Magdaraog, BSN RN.  She is currently attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham for her Masters in Family Nurse Practitioner.

    Leah earned her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from Georgia State University on December 2014.  She works for Northside Hospital Atlanta's Pulmonary Thoracic Care Unit. 

    The recipient of this year's PNAGA Scholarship for Undergraduate Studies is Maria Katrina Salud.  She is set to graduate in May 2018 with a Bachelor's Degree Major in Nursing from Clayton State University, and a Minor in Criminal Justice.

    Katrina volunteers as a Victim Advocate at the Rape Crisis Center of Grady Memorial Hospital and wants to work in an Emergency Department one day as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.

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